Er Pichi de Cai´s menu is chocked-full of succulent delicacies and pleasantly-surprising dishes, from the traditional oysters to 
cheese. There is no shortage of traditionally-fished tuna, deep-fried snakelocks anemone (ortiguillas), many varieties of shrimp, salted and dried tuna in oil (mojama), razor clams (navajas), purple-dye murex sea snails (cañaíllas),sea urchin roe(erizo de mar) and wines from Jerez (Sherry).

We serve these fresh, top-quality products in the form of tapas, half portions (media ración) and full plates (raciones).

The House Menu

  • Fresh fish and seafood from the Cadiz fish market
  • Traditionally-fished tuna
  • Sherry wines
  • Fresh market cuisine
  • Cadiz-style, Fried pork rinds (Chicharrones) 
  • Shrimp tortillas (Tortillitas de camarones)
  • Deep-fried snakelocks anemones(Ortiguillas)
  • Sea urchin roe (Erizos)
  • Oysters in the shell (Ostión) 
  • Large red shrimp (Cigalas)
  • Scarlet shrimp (Carabineros)
  • Lobster (Bogavantes)
  • Salted and dried tuna in oil (Mojama)
  • Specially-prepared tuna (Atún mechado)
  • Tuna in lard (Atún en manteca)
  • Affordable prices
  • Impeccable service