Who we are


Right In the middle of the `barrio´ of Huelin, near the seafront–and 10 minutes from the center of Malaga–you find ´Er Pichi de Cai´ a typical tavern from Cadiz  where `Carnival spirit´, fresh seafood and great wine run the show.

The menu doesn´t omit shrimp tortillas, sea urchin, oysters nor tuna. Here flavors–both capital and provincial–dwell alongside the famous wines of Jerez .`Flamenco´ and `carnival´ are the orders of the day.. On the walls, (so as not to be mistaken), you find images of Cadiz and one of its emblematic symbols: Mágico González.

As the story goes,Sr. Israel Vieyte–the grandson of the first owner of Pichi de Ca–partnered with Chef Iñaki Teijón (of Asador Iñaki fame and its emblematic grilled meats) aiming to retain the essence of the original tavern that his grandfather opened 50 years ago. Nevertheless, he decided to base it in Malaga as to showcase–on the Costa del Sol–the culinary and cultural treasures of `land and sea´ that truly make Cadiz unique.

On Cadiz´s Plaza del Mentidero opposite the Gran Teatro Falla (Theater), the original tavern opened its doors in 1967 and was the foci of habitual pilgrimages of  `Carnival´ fans. Founded by José Ángel Vieyte, the small local tavern began its life and soon expanded; selling the fish, shellfish and seafood that helped it to earn citywide recognition.

The original Er Pichi de Cai originally closed in 2006, the year in which Sr. Israel Vieyte moved to Malaga, where he trained as a sommelier; still linked to the hospitality industry as was his father and grandfather before him.

The secret of the current business is in an optimum ingredients, a plenty of professionalism and, above all…great personal service.